Notepad is a really basic text editor with hardly any added features beyond saving and typing. WordPad is marginally more complex and can be a stripped-down word processing application that provides a limited quantity of file editing and formatting features. Neither program includes built-in spell-checking capabilities, but it is possible to allow the spelling autocorrect feature in your Windows 8 device to ensure proper spelling across both programs.


Notepad is an easy text-editing program commonly utilized to see, create and edit files. It helps minimal formatting beyond the easy text entry; you could add headers and footers, replace and find content, and alter how fonts appear on the webpage. The app works nicely in a pinch for Web page editing as you’re able to see and edit HTML coding onto any plain text editor.WordPad

WordPad is a really easy text-editing program which lets you create and edit files. Unlike Notepad, formatting expands into more complex font and picture styling, and you can add links to on- and offline material inside the body of your documents. WordPad is suitable for simple word processing demands like book reports and reports, but it can not deal with the vast majority of the more complicated characteristics of a complicated word processor like Microsoft Word.

Windows 8 Introduces Autocorrect

With the coming of Windows 8, Microsoft added a spelling autocorrect feature that permits spell test universally across all programs loaded on the Windows device. The General preferences display, accessible with only a couple of clicks of the mouse or pop from your finger, enables the configuration of different settings which may make your Windows experience more effective and tailored to your requirements. 2 spelling-specific settings may be toggled off or on; select to autocorrect or highlight misspelled words input.

Switch On Spelling Autocorrect

If you are using a mouse, then enter your own system configurations by simply moving your mouse towards the upper right corner to get the Charms menu. To perform this on a touchscreen, then you will swipe from the ideal border of your display. Tap or click”Settings,” then”More PC Settings” Pick the”General” tab then tap on the on/off buttons to disable or enable”Autocorrect Misspelled Words” or”Highlight Misspelled Words.” As you sort misspelled phrases in NotePad or WordPad, your system will highlight or autocorrect them.

Alternate Choices

To get a stronger word processing expertise, it is not required to cover costly office suites or just rely upon less complex applications that have your PC. Google Docs, as an instance, provides a complete package of Web-enabled office record software that’s compatible with the Microsoft Office package and contains spell checking, and the majority of the identical complex partitioning and reviewing tools you would see in Microsoft Word. Another spell check-enabled option that you just download and install on your own system is Open Office, a free multiplatform and multilingual office suite that’s also compatible with Microsoft Office files.


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