The very best thing about the Microsoft shop is the fact that it creates installing and installing programs simple and clutter-free. Additionally, all of the programs automatically upgrade in the desktop so that you do not need to take care of the individual upgrade or update pushes. Windows will look after all that stuff from the background.

1 thing which you can’t do with shop programs is that you can’t create desktop shortcuts with drag and drop or the shortcut production wizard. At the minimum, it isn’t so clear at first glance. But, using a little trick you can, in fact, create store program shortcuts in Windows 10. You might even use these shortcuts to add shop programs to Windows 10 startup.

Allow me to show you how you can make a desktop shortcut for any shop program in Windows 10.

Desktop Shortcut for Store Apps

The trick to making the background shortcut for store programs is to use the concealed Programs shell folder found in the Windows installation drive (C drive). Here is how.

1. To begin with, we have to open the Programs shell folder. For the press Win + R, then kind shell:AppsFolder and click the”Okay” button.

2. From the Programs folder, you may see shortcuts for all of the apps such as your routine win32 programs and save programs.

3. To make a shortcut, just discover the program and drag and drop it on your desktop computer. To quickly discover the program you’re seeking, you may use the search bar appearing on the top right corner of the File Explorer.


Alternative System to Produce Store App Shortcut

This system is a lot simpler but it’s not clear at first glance.

1. To make a shop program desktop shortcut, the goal program should be immobilized to the beginning menu. If you do not have the program pinned to the start menu, then search for the program in the start menu, then right-click onto it and Pick the option”Pin to begin”

2. Once it’s pinned, only drag and drop it to the desktop to make the desktop shortcut.

That’s it. It’s easy to make a shortcut for any shop program in Windows 10.

Assign Keyboard shortcut

After producing the shortcut of your favorite shop program, you can assign any keyboard shortcut that you would like for a quick launch. To assign a keyboard shortcut, then right-click on the shortcut and then choose”Properties”

From the Properties window, then choose the “Shortcut Key” field and press the keyboard shortcut you’d like to delegate. In my instance, I am assigning the Shift + Alt + O to start OneNote.

Click the”Apply” and then”Ok” button to save changes.


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