We were putting up a fresh Minecraft server in HTG headquarters to play with the wonderful Captive Minecraft survival style sport (which utilizes vanilla Minecraft, no mods needed ), when we realized we did not have a post about how to locate your saved games folder.

You will find loads of Minecraft worlds online which you can download, unzip, and play in the regional computer without needing to join a host or set up one, but to do so, you will have to understand how to access your stored games, also Minecraft does not place those worlds into a location you would expect, such as your Documents folder.

We have a post about the way to copy, sync, and save your Minecraft conserves in Dropbox, so in the event that you would like to do so, be certain that you read this report.

Finding Your Own Minecraft Saved Games on Windows

Your saved games are stored inside the AppData folder, and this is not that readily to locate or access to as the entire AppData folder is hidden. Making it more perplexing why they chose to place all of the stored games there.

And hit the Enter key, naturally.

As soon as you’re there, you can navigate down to the rescue folder and copy, move, or do anything you want to do.

That is all there’s to it.

Finding Your Own Minecraft Saved Games on Mac OS X

About OS X, your saved games folder can be found inside the Library/Application Support directory interior your user folder, but obviously these folders are not simple to come across the standard manner.

The simple way to get there is to simply paste this in the Spotlight search window and then hit the enter key.

From there you can navigate into the rescue folder, and you will see all them there:

Finding Your Own Minecraft Saved Games on Linux

We do not have screenshots for Linux, but it is all stored inside the .minecraft directory interior your user folder. The issue is that any directory which begins with time is concealed in Linux.

You may even get there with the shortcut that reflects your user folder directory.

Loading Saved Games

As soon as you click into Single Player mode, you will see the list of stored games. Should you exit this screen and click in, you will instantly find the newest saved game which you simply copy.


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