Autoplay videos are among the most bothersome things online. Frequently, some websites play with these autoplay videos with a complete sound beating our ears when we land on the page. Happily, contemporary browsers have some powerful procedures to block those autoplay videos. Here is how you can prevent autoplay videos from browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

The most frequent offenders of autoplay videos will be the newest sites. For some reason, these news sites automatically play videos regarding offenses or post topics without user consent or intervention. Add to this, there’ll not be any settings in to block or discontinue these videos. Not only that this behavior is annoying but also the autoplay videos have a good deal of information. This might not be an issue if you’re on a broadband or broadband relationship. But when using cellular information, it’ll quickly become pricey.

If you have a great deal of news through these sites, then you may wish to think about blocking autoplay videos on information sites.

Stop Autoplay Videos in Chrome

Chrome provides simple choices to disable autoplay videos. But, those choices aren’t available from the conventional settings page. Instead, you have to get into the autoplay settings in Chrome through the page.

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Sort Programmer://flags and press Enter to start the Flags page.
  3. Here, hunt for”Autoplay coverage “.
  4. In the drop-down menu place Autoplay Policy into”Document user activation is needed “.
  5. Click the”Relaunch Now” button to restart the Chrome browser and then put on the flag.

Chrome is working on obstructing the autoplay material and there’s not any clear cut way to disable them. But with all the above settings, you’re forcing Chrome to prevent autoplay videos on desktop pages. Those videos will only play when you’re actively interacting with the webpage.

If you would like to, you may use extensions such as Video Autoplay Blocker or HTML5 Autoplay Blocker. Nevertheless, these extensions aren’t that dependable, at least for me personally, and could even block legitimate sites like YouTube.

Block Autoplay Videos in Firefox

Exactly like Google Chrome, Firefox also provides innovative options to block autoplay videos. All you’ve got to do is put a flag.

  1. Open the Firefox browser.
  2. From the browser, type about: config from the speech and press Enter to start the config page.
  3. Should you find a warning message, then click the”I take the danger ” button. Do not worry, we’re not likely to create any harmful alterations.
  4. Sort”media.autoplay.default” from the search bar.
  5. Double-click about the”media.autoplay.default” flag and input one of these values.
    • 1 = Block all of the autoplay movies
    • two = Permit the browser request your consent to play autoplay movies
  6. click the”Okay ” button to store changes.
  7. Restart the browser.

Disable Autoplay Videos in Edge

In comparison to Chrome and Firefox, Edge is far simpler to configure for blocking autoplay videos.

  1. Open the Edge browser.
  2. Click the menu icon appearing at the top right corner and pick the”Settings” alternative.
  3. Obtained to the”Advanced” tab.
  4. One of the ideal panel, choose”Block” in the Media Audioplay section.
  5. Restart the browser to apply the settings.


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